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Today, Pastor Stan considers the question of control. Who is in control of our world and our individual lives? Does God see me? Does He know what is happening?

Psalm 24 begins with,

“The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein”

And Jesus tells us in Luke 12:7,

“Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

God is sovereign, God is good, and He loves you.


Good morning Crown and Joy family!  Welcome again to the mid-week coronavirus devo.

I read recently about an issue connected with this time of a pandemic – the issue of control. We have a rouge microbe we cannot see or cure on the loose worldwide and all we can do is hunker down and hope we don’t get it or beat if it gets us.  It is during times like these that we (or at least should) come to realize none of us as a whole or individually are in control of our lives.  The author states the greatest illusion is trying to keep control over our lives even when we know deep down we can’t have it. It is a goal that always disappoints.  

This illusion is hard to break, and we give it up only after great struggle; it is a deeply ingrained desire to run things, even the world, our way (as Frank Sinatra sang so eloquently).  For some the coronavirus is a serious annoyance, for the most part, but for many it has been disruptive, even tragic.  But for all of us, it is a wake-up call of how little control we have over life.  

Some will work hard to regain as much control as they can – again.  But this is actually a good time to embrace the one who really is in control – God.  When we say that God is sovereign, we mean that He is in control down to the very hairs of our heads (or the hair follicles on our head) and does whatever He pleases; and nothing can stop Him – period.  The good news is He is good, fully aware of all the factors, knows what He is going to do in our situations and He loves us.  

But sometimes when life is motoring along, we forget He is even there.  And He will permit (may even send) wake up calls to come our way.  You may say, “But a worldwide pandemic that kills people? Really?”  Hold On!  Does not the earth belong the Lord and the fullness thereof?  God knows how dangerous it is to act as if He doesn’t exist.  Remember we will not relinquish the illusion of control without great struggle.  It’s complicated (as Alec Baldwin stated in the movie by that name) and yet it’s reassuring that the world really isn’t on its own, spinning out of control if we cannot control it individually or collectively.  “I put my life into your hands.  “I write my plans in pencil; for you have the great eraser” – to paraphrase my youngest son.  

The psalmist muses that when the kings of the earth try to break the boundaries of God’s creational framework and law, He sits in heaven and LOL – Laughs out loud! (Ps 2:2-4).  But when we come to him in the midst of our situations, He is present and real with us in unlimited tangible ways.  Trust in His control.  Lean on the everlasting arms.  Yes, we do what we need to do (such as social distancing), but always remembering it is He who will get us through this and work it all out for the best.

Thank you for listening.  God bless you!