A Sermon on Romans 8

Dear Saints, This week’s devo will be provided by Ligonier contributing pastor H.B. Charles Jr.  Son of a preacher man, he is pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL.  This YouTube message was a real blessing to me and my wife.  Listen closely.  He makes various distinctions that really make this passage in Romans […]

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An Article on Sexuality

There are many topics in today’s world that seek our attention and awareness. The topic of sexuality in our culture is one of those. It is one that leads people to discomfort, confusion, and challenge as they consider or hear about same-sex attraction and gender identification. Attached below is an article from Desiring God that […]

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What Love Isn’t and What It Is

By Hope Martin Love, real love, will never be pain-free. Pain in our relationships comes from lack of or poor communication. It comes from making assumptions about other people’s motives. It comes from broken and delayed promises. It comes from long days and short tempers. It comes from stubbornness, pride, and jealousy. Even our best […]

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