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What do you call that time on Sundays in either the morning or afternoon hours when Christians gather? A worship service? Sunday celebration? Church gathering? Praise and worship? Depending on your personal experience, your understanding may vary.

Each of the terms just mentioned accents a key aspect of worship. On Sundays, we do worship the Lord. Our time together is also a celebration as we offer God our praise for his marvelous acts in Jesus Christ. Of course it is also a gathering. Those phrases, however, highlight our role in Sunday worship. What then is God’s role? How does he participate on Sundays?

The phrase, ‘Divine Service’ highlights God’s real presence and movement amongst us.

The phrase, “Divine Service” highlights God’s real presence and movement amongst us. The Directory of Public Worship, a 17th century worship manual, puts it this way. “In an assembly of public worship, the triune God is not only the one to whom worship is directed, but also the one who is active in the worship of the church. In public worship, God communes with his people, and they with him, in a manner which expresses the close relationships of the Father and his redeemed children, of the Son and his beloved bride, and of the Holy Spirit and the living temple in which he dwells.”

Please join us each Sunday at 10:30AM. We gather expectantly to experience God working in our midst and demonstrating his desire to have a vital relationship with us both as individuals and as a family of faith.