Erin Bouknight

Resources for Reference

Listed below are some resources that might be helpful for you as you think about both the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial tension in our community and the nation. Resources on Racial Tension “George Floyd and Me,” by Shai Linne published on, 6/8/20 2018 Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation Report published by the 46th General […]

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Crown and Joy Memory Verses

Our community’s challenge to memorize Scripture has led to the creation of the list below. Choose one verse, passage, or chapter to memorize in this time of COVID-19. Memorize on your own or work with others! Verses: Psalm 119:105 John 3:16 Genesis 1:1 Psalm 107:1 Hebrews 13:7 Passages: Psalm 23 Deuteronomy 5:6-21 Psalm 119:9-16 Ephesians […]

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