Month: July 2020

Who is in control?

July 29, 2020

When asking the question, “How will this ever get fixed?” it can be easy to forget the truth of who is really in charge. Pastor Stan shares his thoughts on who can fix all that ails our community, country, and even the world! Below are the verses referenced in the video: Psalm 2:1-4 ESV Why […]

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Complacency and the Christian – by Hope Martin

July 22, 2020

The path of a Christian is not an easy one. It is narrow, full of ups and downs, twists and turns, double-backs and sometimes agonizingly slow progress. As Christians, we face many challenges and fight many enemies along the way, enemies like: comparison, jealousy, pride, anger, fear, complacency—the list goes on. I want to take […]

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Looking at Dr. King’s Work

July 15, 2020

Dear Saints, In keeping with providing resources related to the current racial situation, I have found Dr. King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail” captures so much of what drives struggles like the current one and is instructive on so many levels.  It helps me better appreciate the gains that have been made and provides a history […]

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Resources for Reference

July 8, 2020

Listed below are some resources that might be helpful for you as you think about both the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial tension in our community and the nation. Resources on Racial Tension “George Floyd and Me,” by Shai Linne published on, 6/8/20 2018 Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation Report published by the 46th General […]

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